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Use A Professional Power Washing Service To Clean Up Your House

At some time, just about every property owner struggles with staining on the roof, dingy house siding, as well as a worn-out deck. Fortunately, when you have a little time along with the right equipment, it’s a relatively easy job to eliminate staining and restore a newer look. There are a couple of important things to bear in mind before you begin the cleaning.

Not doing the task properly can result in permanent damage to your house and might need replacing damaged sections. So you need to be sure you know precisely what you’re doing to avoid any mishaps. Due to those factors as well as safety of the prroperty owner consider employing a Raleigh power washing company, they have the right equipment to get the job done safely.


Lots of property owners across the American Southeast and parts of the Midwest have had to deal with a roof bacteria generally known as gloeocapsa magma, a type of ancient cyanobacteria. Typically, roof sections which don’t get early sunshine hold onto morning dew for a longer time and develop a ideal atmosphere for moisture-loving cyanobacteria.

Treatment of dark-colored stain these bacteria create calls for a reduced pressure power washing to prevent damaging roofing tiles. While roofing tiles are quite hardy and may take a higher pressure, there exists a possibility that older asphalt shingles may be destroyed by higher pressure or even a nozzle closer than 6 inches.

It is possible to clean off these spots using a twenty-five degree nozzle at 2,500 Pounds per square inch, but you might wish to test on one roofing shingle at a time so that you can figure out what pressure will work best for your roofing. You might also wish to consider cleaning chemicals plus a soft bristle brush to remove any remnants.


Cleaning decking using a power washer may be a challenging prospect. As anyone that has used a pressure washing machine knows, it is very easy to damage or ruin what you are trying to clean. A wood deck may be chewed to pieces if you don’t use the suitable settings.

Normally, you’ll need to use a 45 degree nozzle at about 3,000 PSI. One of the most important thing to remember is to keep the nozzle far enough away from the decking that you aren’t taking off parts of the wood itself.

After the wood has been cleared of dirt, lichens, or unsightly stains you can allow it to dry before applying stains or decking treatments. Keep in mind that while it might be tempting to pressure wash your deck in the summer months barefoot, even a low pressure power washer can break the skin so always put on suitable foot protection.

Home siding

Making use of a power washer on siding can be a relatively delicate procedure in comparison to a deck or roof top. In case your exterior siding is painted, you want to use a lower pressure washer using a 45 degree nozzle and maintain it no closer than one foot from the work surface. Any nearer and you also risk removing the paint instead of just washing the surface.

For unpainted surfaces, a three,thousand PSI washer could be employed so long as care is taken. Always bear in mind when cleaning house siding to clean along the siding. For horizontal siding, clean sideways. Cleaning up and down on horizontal siding using a power washer might damage the siding or even peel it away from the house.

For safety purposes, you should not stand on a ladder when using a pressure washer. For people with a 2nd floor to clean, you should buy or rent an extension for the power washer.

Thanks to the local climate in Raleigh pressure washing the roof is an effective solution to remove the gloeocapsa magma that likes to thrive in the mild weather. Plenty of hot sunshine also means faded decks which will need to be cleaned and refinished.

Even aluminum or cedar plank siding can gather dirt and grime, tree sap, and bird poop that can solidify and turn out to be nearly impossible to eliminate with anything but pressurized water. So long as you know how to safely use a pressure washer, it can become an excellent tool for preserving the aesthetic value of your property and keeping your house exterior well-maintained.

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