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The Features And Advantages Of The Laminates Floorings

As flooring materials, laminates are usually designed to look like wood, ceramic, or stone by putting a decorative sheet between a fibrous layer as a base; and a clear, protective layer on top. Laminates are among the cheapest options for flooring, but when properly set, they can give the impression that your floor is made of a more expensive material. For more home improvement such as the fences maintenance, you can click here for advice.

Laminates are popular choices for new homes not only because they are cheap; they are also easily replaceable when the owner wants a new design. They are easy to install with no need to learn special tiling skills, and without the use of complex tools. Though they are not created to last a lifetime, laminates are durable enough to resist wear and tear for up to 10 years on the average. Laminates are also versatile, and can be used in most parts of the home – even on bathrooms. This flooring type can also save you time and energy because laminates don’t require much maintenance.

In the past, it is easy to identify if a flooring material is laminate or not. But technological advances have allowed the development of laminates that really look and feel like hardwood or stone. Chances are, you have already stepped inside a house with laminated floors but their visual appeal and texture made you believe they were the real thing.

Like any other flooring option, laminates have their share of disadvantages. Although they often appear as wood imitations, they don’t have the softness to the feet as real wood floors. They are also slippery, though recent kinds are slip-resistant. Once scratched or damaged, laminate flooring cannot be repaired or refinished; there is no option but to replace the entire tile or sheet. Laminates, in general, do not add much value to a house unlike hardwood or stone floors.

The quality of laminate flooring can be determined by the thickness of its core layer. Thicker cores are more stable and durable and they sound more like real wood when you walk on them. High-grade laminates are also treated with water repellents to prevent swelling under excessive moisture. Whatever quality of laminate flooring you choose, always ask for a warranty.