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The Easy Way To Build A Chicken Coop

How better to start in keeping chickens than by planning and building your own chicken coop. It isn't simply an pleasurable part of the whole project but could be a cost-effective way of giving your chickens the best environment possible.Whatever you're ability level with the carpentry tools you can build your own chicken coop simply in no more than a weekend or maybe in a single day and you won't even need any special tools.

From the start of your chicken coop project you should consider the well being of your chickens to be your top concern. To this end, you must take care to think about a number of these key points:

Security: It is vital to ensure your new chicken coop is robust and powerful in order to keep any predators out while securing your chickens safely inside.

Climate: Your coop will have to provide warm and cozy conditions all the year round. At a later stage you will decide to raise your own chicks from your present hens so you should remember to keep in mind that you'll have brooding hens to consider.

Portability: Making your chicken coop portable and simple to handle can be handy if you have confined space and wish to move the coop around, particularly helpful in a tiny garden so your chickens will always have some fresh ground to scrape around in. When the design of your chicken coop has been decided on, you can begin to obtain the materials your going to need. All the materials you are going to need can be discovered promptly at your local appliance store.

Passing some time to carefully treat the timber from the start will see to it your chicken coop will last for years. Prior to fitting any joints together, especially if your using new untreated timber put a coat or two of preservative on the inside surfaces to make certain you've a absolutely weather proof joint. You'll add years to the life of your chicken coop by taking the additional time to do that at the assembly stage. Some common wood additives are very poisonous to plants and animals so it is best to avoid these and make certain to use an eco friendly product.

Make efforts to check the product directions before you use it on your chicken coop! A sufficient choice is standard half in. chicken wire but a much stronger welded type mesh would be a much better option. The primary concern when deciding on what mesh to use is keeping predators and vermin out as well as keeping your hens safely inside the coop. The results of having a fox or mink gain entrance to your coop are always disastrous.

Half in. mesh may seem a little unnecessary for birds as large as chickens but think of the size of the newly hatched chicks you may most like having running around the coop before long.Try painting the mesh of your chicken coop with a coat of matt black paint when it’s finished. Doing this can cut back the amount of light reflected from the wire and will make it a lot easier to see thru.

Try applying the paint to the wire with a mini, short pile roller in opposition to employing a spray can as spraying is far too wasteful when painting mesh. Doing this may render the mesh almost invisible when your looking into your coop.

If you are building a chicken coop for the 1st time you might want to check out my blog it is stuffed with some sensible advice and tips on everything you might wish to build a chicken coop.