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The Difference Between Resin Bonded Stone And Resin Bound Stone Flooring

A lot of people ask about the differences between Resin Bound Stone and Resin Bonded Stone. Below summarises some of the main differences between the two systems:

Resin Bonded Stone

– 2 Layer System

– Resin applied to surface and stone broadcast on top

– Applied to a ‘Wearing Course ‘

– Textured surface

Resin Bound Stone

– 1 layer system

– Resin and Stone mixed together then applied

– Applied to a ?Base Course?

– Smooth surface

What I suggest is either finding an expert resin flooring contractor and reading through their portfolio of resin bound stone and resin bonded stone pictures or simply typing in ‘resin bound stone ‘ and ‘resin bonded stone ‘ into Google Pictures and browse through all of the photo’s on there.

They say a picture “speaks 1000 words” so it is vital you find the appearance of a surface you like, otherwise it will be a particularly expensive mistake to rush into choosing a pattern or resin flooring system be it for your drive way or path way only to find out it isn't the type you really wanted.

Resin Bonded Stone and Resin Bound Stone is also known as Resin Bonded Gravel and Resin Bound Gravel respectively.

Resin Bound Gravel is widely turning into a popular product choice in both commercial and household sectors as the flexibility of resin bound gravel (sometimes called Resin Bound Stone) is endless ranging from Tree Pits, Drive, Footpaths, Swimming Pools etc.

Resin Bound Gravel is a blend of natural aggregates blended with a specifically formulated clear. UV stable Polyurethane resin to create a mixture which is poured and then hand trowelled by skilled agents to make a smooth anti-slip finish.

Resin Bonded Gravel provides an instant decorative, hard-wearing, anti-slip resin finish to change your surfaces. Clients are able to select from an extensive range of colours and sizes of natural stone aggregates which is then scattered into a specially designed resin. The final result's textured to give the appearance of loose natural gravel bonded to the substrate below.

Coatech are Resin Flooring Specialist Applicators with 25 years experience in installing resin bound gravel and resin bonded gravel systems.