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The Bostitch N62FNK Nailer

If you are a keen wood worker or someone intending to beef up their investment, the Bostitch N62FNK nailer is a simple to handle nail gun that will accommodate just about any job. The 15 gauge air powered pneumatic finish nailer will hold up to 130 fasteners ranging in 1 inch to 2-1/2 inches long. The tool free designed cartridge gives fast access to clear jams, reload, and clean.

This Bostich provides finishing touches to your home. The lightweight and small design, that is just 3.8 pounds in weight, powerfully attaches window trim, door time, crown molding, or any other detail work. Also included are 4 angled tips, ensuring a near perfect mating surface on any project. Design as oil free means close to zero maintenance, and guarantees and oil free finished job.

The adjustability of this bostititch nailer means it will be compliant for whatever wood project you tackle. A convenient nail depth adjustment knob allows quick and easy refinement. It can be worked at various power levels depending upon the wood type. A driving force of between 400 inches per pounds allows any 15 gauge finish nail to be fully sink into the toughest of woods.

Since it is constructed from lightweight magnesium this power tool will not tire your arms after a day of use. The Bostitch nailer comes in at just about 3 inches wide, close to 11.5 inches tall, and close to 15 inches long. Included with the box is the Bostitch nailer, 1,000 x inches nails, 4 profiler tips, and also a carrying case.

Mr Barnett from the US says this about his Bostitch:

“I rec’d the finish nailer right on time. The box wasn’t packed very well and the extra nails that came with it were scattered all over the place (inside of the case). I have been using the nailer now for a couple of weeks and it works great. Very powerful. The only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is due to the condition of the package upon arrival. Luckily the contents didn’t have any damage but the packing was done poorly. I wasn’t sure if the nailer was new due to the cardboard around the case looked like it had slid across the floor several times, worn out in sections. The gun was new though.”

The Lightweight Bostitch N62FNK nailer is impressive. Bostitch are very well known for quality and come with a warranty to match. But, the construction of the nail cartridge is less than perfect. Given its plastic construction we are yet to be convinced that it will stand up to the rigors of construction use. However as it comes with a seven year warranty this will no doubt put buyers minds at ease. Also we note that the only suitable finishing nails that would work with the gun seem to be Stanley or Bostitch. Overall it is an accepable power tool.