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The Best In Anti Slip Floor Coverings

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Why Risk a Slip

Are you worrying about the safety of your parents in case they should fall on the floor? Are you considerate about the general public and your staff slipping on the floor? The best solutions for all your many fears are the anti slip floors.

We are experts when it comes to making and selling the best anti slip floors for the safeness of our consumers.

We at Slip Safety create non slip floors and we offer the best piece of advice when it comes to what sort of slip safe floor you want. We produce our products bearing in mind the newest technology in the market. Our main target is to not only ensure you are safe but we also aim to be supplying you with the apex of the line in non slip flooring as well.

At our outlet you will not only find the best anti slip floors but you’ll also get them at extraordinarily low costs as compared to our other competition.

Slip Safety flooring is particularly ideal if you have an elderly person existing with you or if you own a place where lots of people appear and vanish often. We also deal in non slip kitchens as well as flooring in business areas. Our main aim is providing folks with safety and we offer that at truly affordable costs.

We deal in numerous kinds of non slip flooring like ceramic tiles treatment, concrete anti-slip treatments, polyurethane coatings, epoxy surface coatings and safety plates and step edges.

You can even get anti slip floors installed on the sides of your private pool, within your toilet and even in your children’s bedroom for their ultimate safety.

You may either personally visit us or call our mobile service which helps many areas in the city and other suburbs as well.

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