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Tape Measure – Learn How To Become An Outstanding Fashion Designer

A successful designer feels excited when they hear the words tape measure, construction patterns, needles as well as sewing machines. Their facial expression changes to happiness as well as excitement.  Working as a fashion designer is glamorous, especially when you see them behind the scene with tape measures draped around their neck as they repair the clothing collection. But being a successful fashion designer requires hard work and commitment.  A lot of people fail under pressure, lack creativity or discover the industry is not ideal for them.  One of the most important things to be aware of is that only a small percentage of designers work for the big fashion houses.  So, before you tackle the difficult work, ask yourself if this is really what you want.


To become a fashion designer you must begin with education in an art school. In case you cannot afford a private art school you can apply at your local community college.  Community college may not provide you with facilities like an art school but it will get you what you need. Art school is a great resource about fashion, the industry and the history. You will be surrounded by other students who eat, drink and sleep fashion.  Art school can provide great sources for internship programs of fashion companies.


Try your best to apply to become an apprenticeship in Paris.  This will open your doors to a lot of opportunities and possibilities. After all you are in Paris where fashion is taken seriously. An apprenticeship begins at a lower level while learning the industry to become an assistant to a designer. Someone who wants to become a fashion designer through apprenticeship should plan on years.  If being an apprentice in Paris isn’t for you, you can apply for an internship in New York or Los Angeles.  You will learn the business side of fashion, how to keep up with fashion trends and satisfy a great deal of important people within the industry.


Being a fashion designer does not mean all you do is design beautiful garment.  You need to do research of the latest trends in the industry, the origin of the trend and how you can evolve the look. Then you have to learn the manufacturing process in a small and large scale, depending on your own collection. A great fashion designer will get nowhere without exposure and exposure can be hard to get for people who are not intimately acquainted with the business of fashion.


Introduce myself to tape measures, needles, thimbles as well as sewing machines because you are on your way to become a fashion designer. Its better to start with low expectations and accepting the responsibilities that goes along with it, lots of hard work is needed to be a successful fashion designer. Make sure you absorb everything you learned and will learn, be nice to your peers, clients and other people you meet.  You never know who’ll sponsor or support your work and collection.