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Suggestions For Setting Up And Using Solar Power Systems

Increasing numbers of people in South Africa decide to make utilization of solar power panels to generate energy for things like their geysers and that type of thing. This is because electrical power is starting to be more expensive and much more as a result of corruption and lack of planning within the companies that are providing the country’s electrical power. Here are some tips to help individuals such as this make the most of their own solar power panels with regards to saving money on their power bills.

The position of the solar power panels is very important. They operate on solar power, hence the name, therefore they need to be exposed to as much sunshine as possible. Which means that if you setup your own solar power panels in the shade or perhaps in an area that just gets sunlight half of the day you are not getting as much out of the panels as you could be. It is advisable to put the panels in a location where they’ll be subjected to the sun for as much of the day as is possible. This will allow them to produce much more power as well as cut your electricity bill more.

The time of day which you take advantage of the energy generated by the solar power panels is also important to note. If you are using the solar power panels to heat your own geyser you will want to know exactly how that heating device really works. What happens is that the geyser has a thermostat within it. This is utilized to detect the actual temperature of the water and thus to determine when the water is too cold and needs to be heated. Whenever you bath or shower or clean the dishes or something like that and make utilization of hot water you’re dropping the temperature of the water within the geyser which means that it has to heat the water once again. Which means that it is going to be using energy. If you are using the hot water throughout ht night then there will be no solar power for the solar power panels to draw on to heat the water and the geyser will need to take advantage of normal electricity instead. If you do it in the morning or during the day the geyser could make utilisation of the power form the solar power panels instead. Which means that you will not run the utility bill up as high.

As you can see, it is important that you know how solar powered home appliances really function and how the solar power panels produce power in order to make the most of your solar power. As long as you just use the home appliances that use solar energy throughout the day when they can use the power generated by the solar power panels you ought to see your utility bill decrease. Apart from that, you just need to be sure that your panels are placed in such as way that they are able to obtain as much sunlight as possible for as long as possible.