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Step Ladders Critique: The Centaure XL Platform Step Ladder

More than likely, you have employed a step ladder at one time or another for work around your residence, either outside or inside. Step ladders are widely-incorporated items for residential owners for the reason that they are adaptable, steadfast, and are buyable at different levels of price. So, it shouldn’t be too demanding to find a step ladder that is fitting for both your needs and your spending budget. You may want to wash windows, paint, or simply clean up a hard-to-reach place, but you definitely need a step ladder. When you are seeking a new step ladder, you will have a broad assortment to pick from. From aluminium to timber to glass fibre, steps, as they’re sometimes called, are invaluable components in any DIYer’s arsenal of tools. Following are some facts in reference to a premium step ladder which has come to our attention lately: the Centaure XL platform step model.

Step Ladders: In Reference to the Centaure XL Platform Step Ladder

This ladder has rungs that have a width of 8cm, and they’re designed form slip-resistant aluminium. So, these rungs cut down on the slippery factor, plus they are totally defiant to rusting and decomposing. Every part of this Centaure is well-structured. Case in point, the rungs are attached via crimping. Even though this is a normal method of attaching the constituents of a ladder, on this Centaure XL they have extra plastic scratch-deterrent end caps for optimisation of resilience. Yet another great aspect we have seen in this ladder is its screwed-in, wide slip-resistant sock feet. Plus, there are various extras on the XL version, which entails a liberally-sized tool tray that has storage places. Furthermore, it has an opportune pail hook and ruler.

Step Ladders: Main Aspects of the Centaure XL

One thing about the ladder is that you will love the big platform. The dimensions are around 40cm x 27.5cm; this is nearly 40% more sizeable than the platforms on the contender models. Furthermore, we appreciate the Centaure XL’s 75cm platform railing, and also that it has the pertinent EN131 safety certification. In other words, the ladder has withstood drastic testing deliberated to assess its safety, elements, as well as functioning capability. As this ladder is very compact in size (just 3 steps), it is extra-easy to store and to move from place to place. The platform height is 0.57m, and the closed height is 1.5m. With a 6.9kg weight, it is extremely effortless to control. Furthermore, it has a really appealing price tag of around £130.00.

Step Ladders: Important Safety Considerations

When employing step ladders like this Centaure XL platform model, it is critical that you follow certain regulations for safety. For example, before climbing a ladder, users should perform a thorough inspection to determine whether the ladder is safe to use. Pull your ladder open and assess its hinges to rest assured they are appropriately set up and locked into their positions. Only set up the ladder on an even plane, and do not employ it outside while it is raining. It is crucial, too, that a person does not attempt standing on the top step or the second step from the top; this could overturn the ladder.

If you’re seeking a good value in general-use step ladders, be sure to give the Centaure XL platform model a serious look.