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Set Up A Beach-Style Gathering Under The Voile D’Ombrage

You can set up a beach-style picnic even without the beach. In the actual beach, it’s not so enjoyable with all the sand particles getting into the food. My advice is to move a little farther from the beach and have a proper picnic. If you can’t get to the beach as of the moment, you can have a beach-style picnic. You get to enjoy the beach without actually going.

What About Setting Up?

Set up by preparing a checklist of the music, food and props you will use. The best type of music for this purpose is reggae or hip hop. You need to keep the energy fun. Props would include the picnic table and the shade. You can re-create the beach feel further when it’s hot enough to wear skimpy clothes in your garden.


One advantage of a picnic is you can cook in the location. On the beach, you can’t do this freely without asking for permission from the maintenance personnel. The smell of freshly grilled food is heavenly. Some beach food basics include hamburgers, hot dogs and marshmallows.

Don’t limit your menu to grilled food. You can also serve finger foods, including pre-sliced fruit on ice. Have some sandwiches ready for kids playing tag. You can also serve tacos, salads and dressings.

Ambiance and Activities

To simulate a typical day at the beach, you can sit on beach chairs and have some umbrellas around. Have some big blankets ready. Bring a cooler and stuff it with cold drinks on ice. For serving tables, you can bring plastic or waterproof table liners to manage the mess.

Some people want to play Frisbee first before settling down under the shade of the voile d’ombrage.

When the party is in the afternoon, laze under the beach umbrellas. Instead of a beach umbrella, set up under a voile d’ombrage? The shade created by the voile d’ombrage is sizable enough to accommodate several people.

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