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Reduce The Electricity Cost

Investing in energy efficient electrical appliances, including air conditioning systems, can help to reduce energy usage. There are also low-cost measures, such as improving insulation and making better use of existing heaters and air conditioning equipment, which may significantly reduce energy consumption. One can also check novaenergy for more tips.

Why use heaters and air con systems to warm air, only to let it escape? Use weather stripping tape or silicone caulking material to fill any gaps around window and door frames that let chilly air in and warm air out. Installing good insulation in walls and roof spaces makes a barrier between the outside elements and your home’s interior with masterpainters.co.nz and creates a more even indoor climate throughout the year, with less reliance on air conditioning. Reducing heat transfer helps to keep your electricity bills down, and your investment in insulating materials could have paid for itself before many more winters have passed.

Double-glazed windows provide good insulation against the cold, but if your windows are not double-glazed, consider fitting heavy curtains in winter to reduce heat transfer through windows. When drawn at night, the curtains retain air that’s been warmed by your air conditioning system. Open curtains during the day to make the most of the natural light and warmth of the sun and reduce the need for air conditioning.

Use heaters and air con to warm only those areas of your home that you are using. Program your air conditioning system or use time controllers on electric heaters to avoid heating sleeping areas during the day. When no-one is at home and when the household retires for the night, switch off any heating and air conditioning equipment which serves living areas.

Increasing the output of electric heaters or air con systems boosts energy usage and cranks up electricity bills. Reducing the temperature setting of electric heaters and lowering the temperature of your air con thermostat, can have a significant impact on winter electricity consumption.  When you turn down the heating or air con, keep cosy by wearing extra clothing, like warm socks or a jerkin, and using a heavier doona or an extra blanket on your bed at night. People can also check http://www.isnacks.co.nz/ out for more tips.