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Making A Choice Of The Natural Wood Or Composite Decking Lumber

Living in small spaces is a fact for most homes in the cities so having a deck that will give city dwellers a chance to breath in outdoor air is a dream that is a challenge to build. With the restriction in space, it will take some brilliance and creativity to turn a limited space into a functional one. An inadequate space can be transformed into a beautiful appendage with creativity. Using the really natural-looking composite decking lumber can be a brilliant solution.  An expert from David Reid Homes who also delt in glass balustrade installation and Sunny Boy inverter provided the following information.

A deck made from  real wood is of course priceless, but one must consider the impact it creates on forests. The use of composites made from recyclable wood chips and plastics are fast becoming the trend of the times. A hybrid – that is what a composite decking really is really all about. A composite may contain 40 to 70 per cent wood. What makes it disadvantageous is the fact that it is generally more expensive. Reality bites and this is so glaring in this case when saving trees seems to be offhand more expensive.

The use of composite decking lumber, if such misnomer must be used, works well. For one, it is unlikely to rot and will take a longer time to be degraded by the combined actions of wood-eating insects, fungi, and bacteria. Even these ominous biological entities hate feeding on mixtures of woodchips and plastics. Aside from this, composite materials are actually treated with preservatives making it further unpalatable for these organisms. This explains why composites can live longer than real wood. These materials also require low maintenance compared to wood. The combined effects of these can compensate for its expensive cost and  reassures a lower cost in the long run.

Use of pure plastic polyvinyl chloride or PVC-based is better because the problem of delamination, or the coming apart of composites, do not occur. However, the problem on disposal after its lifespan expires becomes an environmental burden which for many is a critical aspect.

Are you planning to build a deck? Make wise choices. Are yoing for the real thing or be happy enough with composite material? Do not be daunted by the choices, learn about it and what is good for your budget, your long-term plans and just do it.