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How A Carport Came To Existence And Its Current Uses.

A carport is a roofed but wall-less shed that commonly projects from the side of a building used as a shelter for a vehicle. It offers limited protection though more ventilation to vehicles really cars from weather elements.. It can either be attached or detached.

Talking about how it came to lifestyle, it’s around 1909 that carports were employed by a Prairie School architect termed Walter Burley Griffin in his design for any Sloan House in Elmhurst Illinois.. Two years later, other architects in the same school employed carports in their design for a residential asset.. Back then, it was termed as an “auto space”.. It was David Gebhard who suggested the term “carport” later on and in 1939, it entered famous jargon that stemmed from visual connection between nautical imagery as well as streamlined residences that time. Meanwhile, it was also noted that renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright coined the term “carport” when he started to use it for the first of his “Usonian” homes.

Nowadays, carports are commonly used as storage structures of vehicles in various parts of the world.. There are several types in terms of material component namely steel, metal, wood and concrete.. As certain people saw the demand for the creation and use carports, they become widely used lately.. These structures are preferred temporary shelters of vehicles which is why it is no surprise that they can be seen not only with residential properties..

It is almost a century since these structures are used and now they are used not only as storage structures for vehicles but also for other purposes.. For such reason, they are advantageous to acquire in residential properties as they can prove to be useful for homeowners. Moreover, they are considered to become a practical method in protecting vehicles from weather and sun hurt.. No wonder, more and more people prefer to use them over garages.