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Expanding The Life Of Your Septic Tank

A Septic Tank is a system to throw away and hold household wastewater. Septic tank is made below ground and is very effective self-contained sewage solution system. They are required to be placed in every home assuming that they are not linked to the centralized waste system. Septic tank is usually affordable because of the basic design and less expensive construction and simple maintenance. Septic tank system will not require installation of long sewer lines which makes it less costly and much less disruptive to the ecosystem. Septic tank structure is a healthy means to deal with waste due to the natural microorganisms present in the system that rot the solids.

The septic tank is a solid box which includes an inlet and an outlet hose. From the residence where the wastewater streams through the sewer pipe and into the septic tank. When the wastewater goes into the septic tank it forms 3 layers that divides the solids from the water. The upper tier is the place where the solids placed which include oil and grease that are lighter than the fluids. The center tier is the liquid clear water and also the bottom layer is the solids which are heavier than the liquid. The water is what travels to the drain field. The solids will be decayed easily by the unhealthy bacteria existing in the septic system in which it will be dissolve until such period that the dissolved form goes into the middle level and also disposed to the drain area. From the drain area the water will be filtered by the rocks and soil that is natural filters until it passes to the deeper terrain as a clean water.

As time goes by eventually your septic tank might reach its maximum potential that will need you to have it drained and pumped. There are many products however this can help speed the digestion process in your septic system most definitely in case the septic tank is overly used as a result of too much wastewater that is disposed. These biological products when used regularly will certainly extend the life of your septic tank and limit the clearing process. However, in case that there are severe problems that despite the applying these enhancing solutions are finished and still the problem was not treated therefore your septic tank must be pumped out and drained.

To prevent this from taking place it’s a duty on your side to accomplish it in the first place and maintain it. Ensure that the structure and the construction of the septic tank is very well performed. The actual size of the septic tank must correspond on the capacity of wastewater that it could cater for the size of the household. At some situations the design plan has to be approved by the governing bodies and must be set up by a professional certified contractor.

To take care of your septic tank you have to prevent too much use of water by limiting your water consumption evenly throughout the week. Avoid applying products with heavy chemicals, as well as hazardous substances including paint thinner, pesticides and never use high amount of detergents or cleaners that could disrupt the natural biological approach to rotting solids in Septic Tanks.