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Easy First Steps Are To Start With A Yard Cleanup

Every year a user-run website that collects consumer reviews of service companies, surveys its customers to discover what home improvement plans they have for the year to increase their home’s appeal.

The 2012 study featured five main categories from simple paint jobs, to major restorations which will boost your home’s value.

Remodeling your home

If you’re considering replacing your home, outstanding places to begin is the kitchen or the bathroom. If done correctly can earn you up to 85 percent return on your investment. But the key here is not overdoing it. Other projects that have a high return are decks, siding and windows.

Aesthetic home improvements

If you are working with a smaller budget but still wanting to improve your home’s appeal, give some thought to painting or replacing your lighting. These items undergo more wear-and-tear and replacing can give your home the face lift it deserves. If painting the exterior of the house, the best thing to do is look at trim. Should the trim is beginning to peel it is time for you to paint. You will not want to wait until it’s visible from the street because you have a whole different level of paint job at that point. If inside, moving out furniture and removing paintings yourself can reduce the expense in half.

Landscaping & curb appeal

Basic landscaping is normally overlooked. Well-designed landscape can add 7 percent to 14 percent to your home’s value by boosting its curb appeal and even making it more energy efficient. Easy first steps are to get started with a yard cleanup, look after your lawn, pick the perfect plants, add mulch and plant a tree.

Repair & preservation

Home repairs and routine preservation can go a long way and save you money in the long run. A good way to know what needs to be done is hiring handyman or handywoman service. Choosing the right service can help in cost to since they normally have less overhead than a contractor. They are also typically skilled in many areas and can perform multiple projects in one visit.

Fix or replace appliances

Get the most for your money and look after your home appliances. Like lots of things, basic care is what is going to keep your appliances running longer. So, dust off your appliance’s owner’s manual to find out what should be looked after.

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