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Dump Mice Before They Destroy You House

So you have some uninvited guests taking up residence in your home, huh? I do not mean your in-laws either – this text will not aid you with that problem… I'm talking about those hairy tiny mice that are actually sort of lovable, when they're on telly in cartoon format – Tom and Jerry anyone? You're not reading this to hear me ramble on about cartoons though – you wish to know how to get rid of mice fast.

If you are asking, “Why me?” you are not alone… Thousands of houses every year get attacked by these little rodent, but don't despair. They're not there because you've a dirty home, they are just looking out for a place to live for a bit. Mice have a tendency to migrate inside during the fall months as the temperatures get cooler. They've a natural tendency to move in closer to a dependable source of food… Yes that bag of dog food in the garage, or that box of cereal in the pantry, or that peanut butter sandwich you dropped behind the lounger.

OK – so how did they get here first of all? Mice are incredibly flexible creatures. The common house mouse is capable of squeezing through a hole the scale of your pinkie. Take a look at that finger and give it some thought – in your whole expansive house have you got any holes that big leading to the world outside? Maybe a pipe, or a cable that isn’t sealed properly. Maybe ground floor window that is stating to crack open. Seal those holes up… NOW! You could dump your mouse problem, nevertheless it will not do you a bit of good because they're like the “Ah-nold” – they'll be back!

So what do you do about it… Folk are always building better mouse traps, but what is the best?

A lot of people tend to go with the old school spring loaded bar trap… Ya know the one you always see on the television. They work often, but you might find yourself up against one smart mouse and that bait will be missing and the trap won't be snapped.

You may also be considering the poison option, but let me advise you against this one. If the mouse eats that fatal dose, who knows where it will finish up. As luck will have it, it will likely bite the dust inside one of your walls and stink up your home for weeks or months.

Your best bet, though it could be considered inhumane by some, is the glue trap. Essentially it’s a chunk of card or plastic with a highly sticky surface. You place bait on it, and once the mouse walks on it, it'll get stuck. These work rather well, but often the mice will die a lengthened death due to exposure. Try and check these traps daily or you might find yourself a dead mouse who died a long painful death. If you're lucky (relying how you look at it), you might even find it alive.

There are varied live catch traps that are regarded as more kind-hearted but just if you check the traps frequently. If a mouse lands itself in a live catch trap, it may still die from exposure or extreme stress. These traps can be found at your local Walmart or hardware store. There are numerous trap designs out there, for example wire cage traps or the box and door traps. You'll need to see what’s available.

A last thing… If you go the way of a live catch trap, make sure to release the mouse miles away from your home. Mice have an intensely good sense of smell that will act as a biological homing device… That will land them right back at your front door, or in your kitchen (you did seal up those holes , didn't you?).

If you are having a mouse issue it is advised you contact a professional. Certain pests like mice carry diseases and can cause serious health problems to you and your family that is why you have to learn first step to getting rid of mice. If you need information about mice removal please visit our site here you will be able to find a lot of useful recommendations and proofed methods from our professional technicians.