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Boiler Maintenance – Avoid Being Left Out In The Cold

Most appliances in the home need maintenance at some point to keep them operating properly, the boiler is no different and should have a servicing to avoid breakdowns. It not only ensures that your boiler is safe but also helps you reduce your energy bills. Check your pilot light, if it has a yellow blowing flame or if the flame is actually blowing out then the system is most probably malfunctioning. You should call a central heating specialist to get it fixed..


It is highly recommended that you call a professional as soon as you notice staining or formation of soot on the walls of the boiler. The sooner you get the problem in your boiler fixed, the lesser it will cost and ensure the safety of your family and save it from the inconvenience of staying without gas central heating in case the boiler stops working.

An annual boiler inspection is advised even if it functioning perfectly, just to make sure there are no problems. Many will choose not to service their boiler stating the service is a waste of money and unneeded. Boilers usually breakdown in cold conditions if you take this risk of not servicing then arrange a backup plan if it completely breaks down.


A typical boiler servicing The key parts of the system such as the gas pipe, air vents and clearance will be checked, cleaned and reassembled to ensure faulty parts are removed. A good boiler service ensures that all parts are examined, cleaned and tested to ensure the boiler system is running efficiently.

This will help you to spot any minor issues before they become problems. However, in order to get maximum benefit from this drill, you need to find a company that offers thorough boiler servicing programs and hires accredited engineers who are licensed to perform central heating repairs and have experience in offering boiler maintenance service.


If you have a balanced flue appliance then you should know that they are considered safer than open flue gas boiler systems. Many experts suggest that you only need a service for these boilers every 18 to 24 months instead of annually for the open flue type.


If your boiler is old and often breaks down then it may be wise to order a brand-new one and have it installed. With the progress in boiler technology you might save quite a lot in energy and upkeep costs.Before retaining a boiler service engineer ask them for complete details of the service they supply and information about their certification, ask your friends you might receive a very good recommendation for a reliable company.

An alternative would be to take out a central heating cover so if problems occur you don’t have to concern yourself with costly charges for unexpected emergency maintenance.