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A Look At Wood And Carpet Flooring Installation

Home owners can easily save cash if they have enough time and good sense to take on a few difficult remodelling projects. For example, it is possible to install your own flooring instead of employing a team to do the work for you. Carpet installation, however, is a tough job that calls for a lot of planning, tools and materials. Would wood be easier than carpeting, or the other way around? Maybe the best way to find out might be to pick a storage room or less important space and make an attempt there.

Wood Flooring Installation

First of all, hardwood flooring is generally an expensive product, though there is a wide selection of products and prices to pick from. Individuals want to do a good job of installing this without damaging the wood because replacing the panels is pricy. On the other hand, if you damage one, you simply need to replace it and the finished job looks good. With carpeting, you would have to conceal blunders under furnishings.

Floor coverings installation specialists mention that there are two ways to put in a wood floor:

– with nails- with staples

Pneumatic staple or nail guns make the job much faster and easier than in the past. If you have the patience to finish the project, you will be certain that each piece of wood is secured in place. Apparently, some installers sacrifice quality work for speed. Be cautious about choosing someone to do your flooring installation who makes big promises about how much quicker he can easily install flooring than his competitors. Check his work prior to handing over the cheque.

One advantage of wood versus carpet is that you can easily arrange the planks any way you like. They are typically narrow, so that if you need to form a strange shape they can be set up accordingly with minimal cutting.

Carpet Installation

Carpet has to be cut unless you are buying carpet squares. Even then, however, no flooring is ever going to be exactly the right size and shape to fit into every corner of a house. Carpet layers have to use nails and/or staples to fasten it in place, while they must also lay a carpet strip where a seam ends to prevent toes being caught on edges.

Drawbacks of Both

Regardless of the product you use to lay a floor, there are a few downsides to take into consideration:

– dust- kneeling- injury

This is merely the beginning. Besides this, getting tools can be costly unless you can borrow them from someone.

Installers generally place some kind of backing behind both a carpet and a wood flooring installation. Cutting carpet is probably easier than cutting hardwood, but you are most likely to drag the padding around when attempting to position the carpet.

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