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A Few Important Considerations Relating To Primitive Rugs In America

Primitive rugs were introduced in America by sailors and EU settlers who were acquainted with the art of making hooked rugs. The exact time and place of origin of primitive rugs is not known, though various sources attribute their origin to ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and Nordic civilizations. Some students even hold the art of hooking rugs might be as old as stone-age times.

Primitive Rugs in America

In America, the oldest rugs were the hooked rugs that are dated to the 1700’s and are now saved in museums. Rags and leftover fabrics were the main kind of materials for making these primitive rugs. Their use is supposed not to once have been restricted to bed only but also on tables and other furniture items, before they were utilized for enhancing the floor. By the mid 19th century, making hooked rugs had become a popular business in America, particularly in New England and along the Canadian coastal areas.

Styles in Primitive Rugs

Hooked primitive rugs alter in their styles, ornamental designs, and the degree of creative imagination. Patterns of flowers are one of the most popular decorative themes used by the early rug-makers. The individual designs vary from simple blossoms to complex patterns of extended bouquets. Also in vogue at those times were depiction of animals, natural scenic views, and scenes from daily life. Sailor and women living in coastal areas were especially doting on creating marine designs on rugs.

The Fondness for Hooked Rugs

There is historical evidence that the early hooked rugs were very popular among lovers of folk art. Large scale manufacture of these hooked rugs started about the mid 19th century at which time the designs of Edward Frost went hit among a significant number of rug-customers. The originality of Frost’s primitive rugs wasn’t excelled by the later rugs made for commercial sale. Even today, hooked rugs made in some bits of the country, or those imported from abroad, are in giant demand.

Buying Primitive Rugs

The historic importance and originality of design make old hooked rugs a choice item for many fans of old art. This does not mean that these rugs are very rare; they can be found in many shops throughout the country. The purchaser should nonetheless, rigorously check the rug’s condition, its design, and the soundness of its construction. Old rugs showing a minor degree of damage can be repaired cheap but those having more than one damaged spot may cost a lot since repair of old rugs costs more than usual repairs.